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Thinking Mistakes Our Brain Makes in 2018

Thinking Mistakes Our Brain Makes in 2018

How often do you give up on a dream, or a desire, or an idea, deciding it’s not possible before you even try? When was the last time you truly broke the Thinking Mistakes Our Brain Makes mold and stepped into a whole new reality?Overcoming obstacles that have been deeply etched in your life patterns are not going to change overnight. Do not allow negative thinking or negative self-talk to keep you from achieving your goal. Maintain a clearly distilled focus to overcome the identified obstacles will empower you to achieve your goals with success. Keep in mind also that an obstacle can sometimes be the very thing that rivets your from mediocrity, complacency, or the “Freeze Zone” as I call it. When you use an obstacle as a tool to help you overcome a negative characteristic, negative self-talk, or even self-sabotage then it no longer can be your enemy to defeat you. This is a powerful weapon you can utilize to disarm those hindrances that attempt to rob you of your successes. You are a winner and you have everything within you to reach your goal.
Winning Woman Pearls of Wisdom are motivational and empowering quotes to encourage yourself with. Use them to remind you that you are able to overcome, to achieve, to reach your goal, to be a Winner!

This is the second in a series of “Achieving Success” topics that will hopefully give you encouragement, direction and help you to focus and fine-tune your compass to hone in on your goals.

Founder & First Lady of The Winning Woman Network, Monika Shaw; a CEO over a multi-million dollar company, Entrepreneur,Public Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Breast Cancer Winner, and a mentor to women.
Her passionate vision is for women to be empowered, equipped and released into their talents and gifts to become the success they can be – by giving themselves permission to do so.
From her personal and business experiences, she shares rich wisdom, encouragement and refreshment to the spirits of women who need to hear that they can be who God designed them to be – a Winning Woman!
An Author, Speaker, Coach, and Mentor to many women over the years, she brings a message of hope, empowerment and the tools to make real the potential each woman has within to be a Winning Woman!
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“I cannot do it.” “That will never happen for me.” “It’s just not possible, or at least, it’s certainly not likely I could reach that dream.” “It would be way too hard.”

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