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3 link building tips for SEO International

3 link building tips for SEO International


Building links SEO strategy is one of the successful achievements. One of the most overlooked SEO activities about SEO work in the local market for websites may be.


There are many reasons for it, and here are some common challenges:


Not done with local sites when they are localized and run.

Website owners focus on improving content on local websites.

Web site owners realize the importance of connecting to local websites, but they do not have local resources and / or do not know what links in every market.

Create four tips to make links to discover links that can be easily implemented by companies through limited resources.


  1. Use the websites that link to a corporate website


Because most of the websites usually begin with one or two languages that try to target many countries, these basic websites have more links than external websites in general than new websites. .


When I check links from Japanese and other Asian websites, I always check out the links to the original websites, not just the customers of the websites who had asked for this project.


For example, if you are making a Japanese website link for an American company, check any Japanese links that go to your Web site and Japanese website in the US.


By looking at these links and pointing to the site in the US, I always look well better than links to Japanese websites.


I usually find high-quality links using the same web site-targeted websites and websites as English websites in the United States and Australia.


This is because when most web site owners are linked to the original websites they are starting because there is no website for their local market.


Many website owners do not update their links at the beginning of a website for their local market. It seems that most web site owners are updating links if they are in the country, they speak unique languages ​​such as Japanese and Korean.


However, many website owners do not update links when the original website uses the same language as English and Spanish, where they do not try to try to read the content in English unless They do not harass.


Once you’ve identified links that need to point to the local website instead of the original website, contact the website owner where they send direct links to these information.


In my experience, instead of an email from SEO professionals you may have a high success rate for the website owner directly linked to contact with them.


Also check the links to other languages or local websites within your organization. There is a great opportunity to find many contacts that go to wrong languages in language or country.


Especially if it’s a local / local site list, it’s not unusual for people to connect to a wrong language version. If you find them, update to site owners as updated updates to updates.


Updating the most relevant website links for your company website its not easy, but link building media will update of your sites links with high level quality sites. After getting links your site will rank word wide.


  1. Take advantage of marketing activities of companies and other local offices


This is another easy way to add links to your local sites. There are many websites that offer worldwide content across different languages. However, when this content is translated, links often do not change.


Let’s come to know that your CEO has been interviewed or a product is shown through one of the most popular websites in the United States. This site works in five different languages in 12 countries, and later 12 sites of websites will be published in the subsequent content that you also get websites.


If you do not apply, in most cases, the original link will leave the URL of the web site into all 12 web sites in the United States. However, by asking them to use the local website URL only in every country version, you will find 12 links at every place of your local site.


You want to link to add an opportunity to update links, provide a URL list to use them.


Connecting to the local market website also helps improve user experience, and most sites are ready to update the links.


  1. Check for local rivals links


Confirmation of links where rival websites can be very easy, may be obvious, but for some reason, many companies ignore it.


An unknown market and a wide range of languages may be difficult, and as a result, SEO experts can be thrown out of a common link.


The truth is that search tools and link analysis should work more and more. Using these search tools allows you to analyze even more without any local resources.


The idea is that links to your rivals are being checked, compare with similar matches that contain your local site, and find sites that are not related to your website, but you Should be


We hope you already have a list of the best competitors in every country. If not, find those who constantly ranked for non-branded keywords in your country and start searching from there.

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